In order to ensure all dogs staying with us are going to be happy, healthy and safe, we would like certain requirements to be tick off the boxes:

  • For new/first timer, we require a meet & greet. This will help your dogs to settle easily on the time of boarding as they are already familiar with us and our place. During the meet & greet, we will give you a tour to our house so you (as a dog’s owner) will have a peace of mind. Your dog will have some time to sniff around in our house and our back yard. Contact us to book an appointment for meet and greet. This will take between 30-60 minutes and is a chance for us to meet you and your dog making sure your dog suits with our household.
  • All dogs should have no aggression behaviour to other dogs. We cannot accommodate dogs who do not cope well with other dogs or are reactive around other dogs  as this leads to a stressful environment for all.
  • All dogs must  be house trained and non-destructive (although we understand with young puppies there may be accidents here and there.)
  • All dogs over the age of six months old should be desexed. We can accommodate un-desexed puppy (under 6 months) on case to case basis (condition permitted)
  • Your dog should have up to date vaccination, tick & flea prevention. (we require you to attach the vaccination certificate with your booking form)
  • Download and fill out this form and return back to HOP
  • Please read this WELCOME NOTE
  • Please sign this form and return back to HOP VET Instruction and Release Form