Doggy Day Care

Are you working long-hours during the day? Are you worrying about your dog being alone at home? Why don’t consider to send your dog to spend the day with us? You do not need to book day care for everyday, choose the day you want eg. every Tuesday, every fortnight, and if we have vacancy, we will be happy to mind your dog.

Daycare time : Tuesday – Thursday ; please note that we only cater between 3-6 dogs a day and we will group the day based on their age, size and energy level. 

Cancellation: If for any reason, your dog is not able to attend the daycare, please provide notice at least 24 hrs so we can fill-in the space with our waiting lists.

With ours in a home-environment with neighbors around us, we can only cater earliest drop at 7:30am.

NO daycare during school holidays/public holiday/long weekend as we will use the space for the boarding.

Logistic requirements for spending the day with us:

  • Collar and leash
  • Your own treats if your dog is on specific diet

What we provide during their day care:

  • Morning walk with our dogs and other boarders – have a nice sniffing around before socialise with other dogs.
  • Indoor play time with plush toys, 1-2-1 interactive play with stimulation toys (puzzle treat, Trixie dog activity toy etc) and big couch to jump in.
  • Outdoor play time with balls, tug & war, treat hunting, bubbles chase and many more.
  • Pool time – summer additional activity
  • Free access to fully fenced back yard and spacious decking area for your dog to relax and play.
  • Daily photos update on our Facebook page.