What do we need to do before we can leave our dog into your care?
We need to meet your dog first (meet & greet). This meet & greet will cover quick play-assessment to ensure your dog has shown no aggression to and comfortable around our own dogs. During this opportunity, we will also show you around our home and yard area for your peace of mind. If we are still not sure about your dog’s temperament/character during meet & greet, we will request you to drop your dog for a day trial before we commit into any booking.

What do we need to bring for a meet & greet?
Your dog, registration form and vaccination certificate  . We always send you a form once you make an appointment for a meet & greet. You need to fill out this form and bring along for a meet & greet.

What do we need to bring for our dog when they need to stay for daycare/sleep-over?
For daycare, just bring along their collar and leash, or your own treats (if you think your dog has sensitive tummy). For sleep over, you need to pack the food, bed, collar, leash and any medications. If your dog eats cooked-meals, please ensure they are provided in correct serving size to be stored in our fridge/freezer and ready to serve (ziplock bag is the best)

How do you categorise dog as a large breed?
Any dogs weigh more than 22 kgs and/or heigh more than 50 cms, we categorise them as large breed, hence the rate will need to follow as large breed.

How many dogs do you mind at one time?
We usually try to limit between 5-6 dogs (included our own dogs). We have the right to declare our capacity as full even we don’t reach that maximum number based on our own judgement to consider our home and family environment.

Is someone always at home to supervise our dogs?
Yes, almost all the time, but there might be a short time of 30-45 min when I have to do quick errands. For this, we will separate dogs in different room and ensure they have their best buddy as companion. However, most of the time, I arrange my appointments or errands when my husband is home, so there’s always someone home. If both of us need to go out of our area, we usually hire a dog-sitter to stay around for those few hours at our home.

What will my dog do during the day or when the dog stays with you?
We start our day with breakfast then our morning walk. We do group walking of 2 or 3 dogs for each walk (@30-45 minutes). Then, they will have outdoor supervised group play – where usually dogs will mingle, sniff and chase one another. We also do practice basic command, like sit and stay and do group photo. Around 1pm is a nap time for all dogs as we believe that calm dog is a happy dog. For afternoon activity, we do rotation activity from basic agility (tunnel, jump the hurdle), or 1-2-1 enrichment session like treat hunting, kong, giant snuffle mat, bubble games etc.

Where will my dog sleep if we book for sleep over?
The dog will sleep inside. We will set-up their bed in our living room or hall-way just in front of our bedroom, they also can crash in our lounge.

Will you be able to administer medication for our dog?
Yes, we can administer oral medication, ear/eye drop/ointment/cream, but not an insulin injection.

Will we receive any updates about our dog?
Yes, we post daily into our Facebook page of the dogs’ activities and their happy faces. If you don’t have Facebook account, we can send you separately through your phone or email.