Rachael Corkin

I can not speak highly enough of HOP! Since moving back to the city after years in the country with a pooch in tow, I have been on the hunt for a good dog sitter – I am so thankful I have found one! In HOP I have been lucky enough to not only find a sitter that takes brilliant care of my pooch but to find people who so genuinely love dogs and care for mine like a member of their family. My little fella is full of quirks and more than a little anxious about new faces and places – HOP has been so welcoming, patient and accommodating as Ollie has gotten used to a new environment and new people. For a funny little guy who has a tendency to treat people with hesitation and caution he LOVES going to HOP! Which of course allows me to have a worry free time away knowing he’s not only happy and cared for but is also receiving the love and cuddles he would be getting at home! Thank you House of Paws! I can not thank you enough for the love and care you show Ollie and for welcoming us, so warmly, into the HOP family!