How important is meet & greet before boarding your dog


Choosing a boarding for your dog is not an easy task to do especially if you need to leave your dog for a few weeks and you need to go for holiday. You need to find a place where you are certain that your dog will be happy , will be well taken care of, so you will be able to enjoy your holiday with NO worry.

To help you choose your dog boarding, meet and greet is the most crucial thing every dog minder needs to do before boarding their dog(s).

1.      Meet & greet helps the dog to settle well

When the dog has done a meet & greet by visiting your minder’s premises, it will help the dog to settle well on the day of the boarding. The dog has recognised you and your home.

2.      As a dog owner, it’s very important to see where your dog will stay the whole day and night when you will be away. Does the place have a proper spacious back yard and outdoor area for playing or exercising? Look around and check if the area is securely fenced? If they won’t let you look around their place, then something must be wrong there. You need to make sure you check the place. Ask the minder where the dog will sleep (if they’re staying overnight), how many dogs the minder will have at the same time – you don’t want your dog to stay in a over-crowded place.

3.      Meet & greet is the best time for interviewing the dog minder face to face as well. List out what you would like to know how they will take care of your dog. Will there be any daily walking? How many dogs they usually have in a day? What else do they do during the day with your dog? You don’t want your dog just lazing around and being bored with no activities …it’s better that your dog stays at your own home.

4.      As a dog minder, meet & greet is also the best opportunity to interview the dog owner of what is their expectation from you and anything you need to know about their dog. This is a time also to introduce yourself, build rapport with the owner and gain trust from the dog.

5.      A great dog minder will always OFFER and ASK for a meet & greet as one of the criteria before you can board your dog with them. If they only just accept your booking, request a deposit then  “bye, see you on this date”, please search elsewhere…

6.      If your dog has anxiety issues, a great dog minder will offer a certain trial to stay (I usually offer this for free) – even just for a few hours to assess further.

7.   A great dog minder will also collect proper paperwork from you as an owner covering the detail of your dog (vaccination certificate, behavioural issue, diet, health history, vet detail, emergency contact details, etc)

Woof… 🙂


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